Online Giving

Give On Any Phone, Tablet, or Computer

By coming to our website on any device and clicking the “Give Online Button” you can quickly and easily give toward our church’s needs and ministries. 

The system is powered by which keeps everything secure from beginning to end. 

You can make a single offering or set it up to be recurring. 

It takes a small percentage fee to process the funds, keep records of giving for us, and deposit the donation in the church bank account. There is an option to cover that if you would like to do so. 

Give Using the App

You can skip our site and use an app on your phone or tablet to give directly. 

Simply go to your app store, search for and download it. 

​Once it’s downloaded you can search for Bedford Bible Church and it will walk you through the process. 

Cash or Checks

We’re not removing any of the regular ways of giving. So, if you are more comfortable giving with cash or a check, we will still receive offerings in that way.