Bedford Bible Institute


Bedford Bible Institute is a local church-based, Bible institute with an emphasis on training leaders to serve in the local church. Because we meet on a part-time basis the financial costs are minimal and
students can continue living and serving in their communities and churches while receiving Bible training.
Classes are held at Bedford Bible Church from 6:30-9:30 pm on selected Tuesdays. A full calendar will be provided during our first class. Our next class is scheduled to begin on January 16th, 2023.

Our Theological Focus – we hold to the fundamentals of the faith, are theologically conservative, and historically orthodox; we believe a literal, grammatical, historical, contextual hermeneutic is the most natural and God-honoring method of interpreting God’s Word.
Our Ecclesiological Tradition – Bedford Bible Church exists and functions independent of any denomination but aligns with what is widely understood to be Baptist doctrine and polity. This institute will reflect those traditions which are both faithful and Biblical.
Our Eschatological Position – we believe God’s blueprint of the ages and revelation of end-time events is best explained by dispensational premillennialism.


Our programs are designed to be modular and cumulative with each year building on the prior. This allows flexibility for the student and for us to run concurrent programs with limited faculty.
Those working toward the Certificate in Christian Ministry will be required to complete additional coursework in the first two years to qualify. Ideally, this will be determined at the beginning of the program, however, coursework can be adjusted retroactively.
As a part-time institute, classroom time will be limited but homework assignments will ensure a thorough training program.

The hours listed are class hours and not credit hours.
Our goal is Biblical integrity with academic excellence. We want to make our school accessible to all while encouraging each student to reach their full, God-given potential.
We are not accredited or affiliated with any other institution at this time and therefore work accomplished will not be transferable.

1 Year Program

Biblical Foundations Certificate – this course of study lays a solid foundation of Bible knowledge and understanding. A combination of tests and essays will be required to graduate.

2 Year Program
Biblical Studies Certificate – The Certificate in Biblical Studies requires the completion of the Bible Knowledge Certificate. This program builds upon the Bible Knowledge Certificate. A combination of tests and essays will be required to graduate.

3 Year Program
Christian Ministry Certificate– This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the advanced requirements for the Biblical Foundations Certificate and Biblical Studies Certificate, as well as all third-year assignments. It is designed for those who desire to go into full-time ministry.
During the third year, the student is required to complete all subject tests and home work and write 6 essays of 5,000 words and an essay of 15,000 words on a topic selected by the faculty and student.
Coursework undertaken for the Christian Ministry will focus on the student’s desired area of service. Homework requirements and recommendations will be adapted for different areas of service.


Application Fee: $10
Course Fee: $50 per semester

Student Requirements

Each student must:
• Know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
• Be in good standing at their local church
• Inform their pastor or oversight of their local church of their intention to study at our institute
• Be on time for all lectures
• Read the course material and textbook for each course
• Present assignments in accordance with course requirements (these will be explained in our first class)

If you are interested in attending our institute, please speak with Pastor Martin in person, phone the church office, or contact us online via our website or Facebook page.

2024 Spring Class Dates